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It’s almost that time of year again, when Robert Rodriguez and his merry band of movie-makers go out and bring forth another epic film to the screen. This time, Frank Miller and him have teamed up again for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. A movie that’s sure to be as epic, if not way more, than…

Since everybody here just make posts to the female characters i figured out that was time to someone dedicated a post to our favorites male chracters. Those are my favorite principals chracters. Because those are the ones that are always there to our favorite female chracters and there is no way to not love them. They are always there fighting for what they love, and for who they love. And I think they are the best.

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Truly, this is a meeting of Kings.


Truly, this is a meeting of Kings.


So, yeah, you can all pretty much guess that there are only a few people on TGWTG that I watch faithfully:

Nostalgia Critic

The Rap Critic

Diamanda Hagan



The Cinema Snob (and especially Brad Tries)



Todd in the Shadows

and Suede.

I sometimes give Nostalgia…

"Drier than elementary school cornbread" is kind of why I’m not a Nostalgia Chick fan. I’m sure others like her, and there are a few videos of hers I actually like (I know "Fifty Shades of Green" is awesome), but she’s just not my taste. That and…well, she can really get unsubtle when she’s delivering a message.


The Nostalgia Critic goes over the top 11 GOOD moments from the Star Wars prequels.


I’ve always been a fan of trying to find the good moments in movies, and I think his list is pretty damn good.

He even pointed out some stuff about the acting in the movies that makes me respect Hayden Christensen a bit more.

Hey can I please get the gif where they say "there's an even greater evil than Hasbro" in the Son of The Mask review?


There it is =]


A lovely anon asked for this, I really hope this is what they wanted. :3


A lovely anon asked for this, I really hope this is what they wanted. :3